Tawny Mole CricketOver the past few months, you may have begun to notice small tunnels of dirt appearing on the ground or even weird looking bugs with crazy front feet. Well, the weird looking bugs are making the tunnels. They are called mole crickets.

Mole crickets spend most of their time in the ground. The damage they cause to turf is primarily from their tunneling. They do feed on the underground parts of the grass though, so if populations get high, the turf may be harmed.

It’s important to know the lifecycle of the mole cricket, as that will determine the best way to control them. These insects are most destructive in late August through early October. Individual tunnels may exceed 10 feet in length. Adult mole crickets begin to appear in mid-September. By late November, they comprise more than half the population. Control can be very difficult to achieve in late fall, but there are products that can be used.

If you notice tunnels and/or mole crickets on your property, we can help. Contact us today for an inspection.