Huntsman Spider


Actual Size: From the ends of their legs, approximately 3 to 5” 

Characteristics: Their long legs have distinctive black spots and there’s typically a black border around the head. Their body is flattened and low to the ground.

Habitat: Vulnerable to cold temperatures. They require a warm climate to survive. Therefore, they tend to come indoors over winter and can be found hiding under furniture or cabinets, or inside closets and garages.


  • They are hunters, which means they chase and ambush their prey. They do not spin webs to trap prey.
  • They prefer warm humid outdoor areas during the climate, but they must come indoors during the winter or they will likely die during cold spells.
  • Although common in many parts of the world, they are still rare in the United States, though their range is believed to be growing.

Learn about Huntsman Spiders in Florida

Huntsman spiders can grow to be very large and look very fearsome. They are also sometimes mistaken for brown recluse spiders. The reality is that huntsman spiders rarely bite humans and they are not venomous. They run quickly after the prey they hunt and can be found indoors or outdoors; they’re most active at night.

Huntsman Spider Habitat

Outside, huntsman spiders are commonly found under tree bark or in woodpiles. They can also be found inside houses, barns, sheds, and even cars. Being susceptible to the cold, huntsman spiders usually die off in the winter if they don’t make it inside.

Huntsman Spider Behaviors, Threats, or Dangers

Huntsman spiders can run about as fast as humans on their long legs, though they are highly unlikely to chase humans. They use their speed to chase prey, usually small insects. 

Huntsman spiders biting humans is rare, but if you do get bit, it can be painful. Sensitive individuals may also experience additional side effects like allergic reactions. The good news is that huntsman spiders are not venomous, so most people experience minimal effects. Huntsman spiders can be beneficial as they feed on a variety of insects, such as cockroaches, moths, and even small reptiles and amphibians.

If you think you might have huntsman spiders on your property, give the local spider exterminators at Florida Pest Control a call. We’ll send out an experienced spider expert who can assess the situation and let you know your best options.