The holiday season is upon us! This is the time of year we gather with friends and family to give thanks for our blessings. Hopefully, we can all be thankful to have a pest-free* home. Nothing is more unnerving than knowing you share your domicile with invaders (no, we are not talking about pesky family members). Here are some tips to keep your holiday celebrations pest-free*:

  • If you are traveling, be alert for bed bugs. These hitchhikers have been found in all modes of transportation, as well as hotels and restaurants. Check your luggage, purse, and other personal items to make sure you do not bring these pests back home with you.
  • The best pest control method is prevention. Your warm home is not only inviting to guests, it’s also where many pests will try to seek refuge as temperatures drop. Take time to inspect the outside of your home for pest entry points. Check seals around windows and doors, including door sweeps. Look for areas where pipes, wiring, conduit, etc., enter the building. Any entry points you find should be sealed to prevent pests from easily entering your home.
  • The fewer pests you have living around your home, the fewer you have trying to get into your home. Remove pest hiding places outside. Trim tall vegetation. Remove yard debris and fallen leaves. Make sure the gutters on your home are clean. Trim shrubs to create a gap between them and your home. Keep trash can lids on tight. Pretty much, you want to remove any food, water, and hiding places for pests from around your home.
  • Sometimes, the pests sneak their way in, right under your nose. Christmas trees are notorious for helping their tenants crash your Christmas party. Dried food items (flour, pasta, rice, grits, cereal, etc.) can also be culprits for sudden pest sightings. Make sure you check any pantry items for small beetles, moths, webbing, or holes in the packaging. This is especially true if the items are not used frequently and have been sitting for some time.
  • You may find yourself crashing a secret pest party in your own home. Be prepared to find pest activity in those cardboard boxes of holiday decorations and wrapping paper you had stowed in the attic or garage since last year. Pests such as silverfish, roaches, and even rats love to make their home in cardboard boxes, especially when those boxes have remained undisturbed for an extended period of time. Whenever possible, use plastic bins with tight-fitting lids to store items.

The previous tips should help you reduce the likelihood that your home will be invaded by creepy pests this holiday season. If you are concerned that pests may crash your festivities, contact us for help.  We want to keep you from having the “bah humbugs.”

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