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Do natural rat repellents work?

It is understandable why many people look to natural rat repellent options to keep rats out of their house. Taking a safe and monitorable approach to rodent exclusion is appealing to the average homeowner that would rather take pest control into their own hands. The truth is, certain natural rat repellent and mouse repellent products will have an effect on the ability for rodents to thrive and proliferate in your home, but they won’t always be your absolute answer for rodent control. The work is always best left to a professional rodent exterminator.

Do natural rat repellents work; Florida Pest Control Rodent Exterminators

What is the best natural mouse repellent?

The best natural mouse repellent option will vary by situation. Depending on the vulnerable parts of your property or the scale of any already active infestation, you might find that some repellents work better than others. Here are some of the most popular options that people choose for DIY rodent repellent:

  • Essential oils: peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, or citronella
  • Mixture of equal parts ammonia and vinegar
  • Fragrant foods like hot sauce, garlic, onion, or coffee grounds

Does Cleaning help keep mice away?

Keeping a tidy home will certainly help you to avoid rats and mice, but it won’t work as an active repellent. Rodents will still infest your home if it is clean and orderly, but they are much more inclined to infest homes where they have found food. You can avoid this by keeping your trash in sealed bins and away from your home and by limiting food exposure. This means washing your dishes after meals, cleaning up spills promptly, and sealing your food in airtight containers.

Reliable Rat Repellent Options

The most reliable way to repel rats and mice is to hire a professional rodent control expert to provide assistance. At Florida Pest Control we train our licensed and certified exterminators to use EPA-approved products and strategies in our rodent exclusion services. We will conduct a full property inspection to determine any sites of vulnerability and correct them promptly.

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