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Rodent Identification

From the house mouse to the Norway rat, Florida is home to many types of rodents. Learn which ones you might see near your home or business!

Types of rodents in Florida; Florida Pest Control Rodent Exterminators

Rats and mice exhibit similar behaviors but can pose different threats. Learn how to tell the difference between these two common rodents.

Rats and mice prefer to live in certain areas inside our buildings. Find out where you may find rodents inside and outside your home.

Mice and rats aren’t just nuisances—an infestation can become dangerous. Rodents cause structural damage and spread dangerous germs. Learn more!

Rodents aren’t likely to bite people unless they feel threatened. In the rare case you are bitten by a rat or mouse, always seek medical attention.

Rats and mice carry and transmit a number of dangerous diseases through their feces, saliva, and more. Learn the most common diseases they spread.

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