Spanish moss hanging from a tree - keep pests away form your home with florida pest control

This is a very good time of year to evaluate the condition of your trees concerning the amount of Spanish moss they may have. Most will agree that a large oak tree draped with Spanish moss is a familiar image of the “Old South.” However, in many cases the limbs are heavily laden with moss and many twigs have no leaves because the moss is competing for space on the limb. The tree may be struggling and the moss is contributing to a slow decline. Consider the following moss facts:

  • Spanish moss is an air plant.
  • Just like other air plants, Spanish moss receives its nourishment through photosynthesis and rainwater, not from the plant it’s attached to.
  • Moss will not kill the tree; however, it will compete for space on limbs and twigs.
  • Because moss adds considerable weight to limbs and twigs, broken limbs can occur, especially when the moss is wet.

So, how much moss is too much moss? How much is acceptable? That decision is entirely up to you. Florida Pest Control can apply a product that will control Spanish moss. This treatment is less expensive and more complete than hand pulling. If your trees are overwhelmed by Spanish moss and you’d like them treated, contact us.

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