4 Tips to Prevent Summer Lawn Pests

Grubs are a common summer lawn pest in Florida lawns - Florida Pest Control

Here in Florida, maintaining a healthy and lush lawn doesn’t come without its troubles. With our climate, it can be difficult to keep a lawn in good shape throughout the seasons—especially in the warm summertime. To make matters worse, lawn pests are a common nuisance dealt with by homeowners all year long. Lawn insects target grass and yards that are unkempt and unhealthy to begin with, making it all the more important to take proper care of your lawn and grass. The lawn care experts at Florida Pest Control are dedicated to helping our customers achieve a green, healthy lawn. We’ve provided our top 4 tips to prevent summer lawn pests to assist you.

Summer Lawn Pests in Florida

Florida is home to many types of pests, including a number of lawn pests! These insects commonly live just under the grass in your lawn, making it difficult to notice them until they’ve done their damage. Here are the most common lawn insects in our region during the summer:

  • Sod webworms chew through small areas of grass. They create tunnels out of their silky web that will run under the grass. Signs to look for include raggedly-chewed grass and smaller brown spots- around the size of a baseball.
  • Armyworms are small caterpillars that grow into moths. The females lay up to a thousand eggs at once in patches of fresh grass. These can hatch as quickly as 2 days. To spot these guys, you’ll want to look on the outside of dead or damaged grass areas.
  • Chinch bugs attack your lawn by sucking the liquid out of grass blades. In doing so, patches of grass on your lawn will dehydrate, turn yellow, then brown and die.
  • Mole crickets feed on and chew through the grassroots, causing your grass to die off. When dealing with mole crickets, your grass will feel spongy when stepped on and be covered with brown patches.
  • Grubs are beetle larvae that remain dormant through the winter. In the spring, they make their way toward the surface to feed on grassroots.

Top Tips For Lawn Pest Prevention

The key to lawn pest control is prevention. The key to preventing lawn pests is taking care of your yard! To ensure your lawn is healthy, thriving, and pest-free*, follow these tips:

  1. Learn how to properly mow your lawn. Long grass that is never cut will attract all types of pests and weeds. Mowing your lawn in a timely manner will deprive lawn insects food and shelter.
  2. Avoid over- or under-watering your lawn. Pests of all kinds love moisture. If your lawn is soggy from overwatering, you are sure to create a haven for lawn pests. Learn how to properly irrigate your lawn depending on the season.
  3. When you see weeds, remove them! Wild, unkempt weeds attract a number of insects and pests. Weeds also negatively affect the health of your grass, leading to a number of diseases and problems.
  4. Fertilize your lawn as needed. Similar to your irrigation system, failing to fertilize your lawn correctly can lead to a plethora of problems. A lawn made unhealthy due to over-fertilization can contribute to pest problems.

Your Local Lawn Pest Control Experts

At Florida Pest Control, we know how frustrating it can be to diagnose your lawn problems. If you think you have a lawn insect problem, our lawn care experts can help. Contact us today to get started!