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Almost every year, starting in Spring, these red and black insects with reddish eyes start to show up on many Florida lawns and gardens, often in large numbers.  Children playing in the yard sometimes stain clothing with reddish spots from these crawling insects, sending their moms into a tizzy!

So, what are these little cotton stainers, and why are they showing up in such high numbers at times?  They are known as Jadera Bugs. These bugs feed on an assortment of plant seeds and are especially fond of seeds from the Golden Raintree.  When conditions are favorable, Jadera Bugs will invade properties in large numbers in search of plant seeds.  As to why numbers are higher some years than others, the verdict is still out.

Now, don’t get the Jadera Bug confused with its northern and western cousin the Boxelder Bug, although they do look very similar.  Boxelder Bugs do not occur in Florida.

Jadera Bugs will congregate on or near its host plants and buildings.  They have been known to enter structures in the Fall to seek out a warm place to overwinter.  These bugs are more of a nuisance than anything else, causing no damage to the plant it feeds from.

Even though Jadera Bugs are a nuisance, it is still considered a pest and at times may need to be controlled.  If they get out of hand at your home, call us we’ll be happy to take care of them for you.

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