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Bed Bug Prevention

Like most pests, it’s far easier to prevent bed bugs than it is to get rid of them—but, doing so can be a bit of a challenge. Learn how to prevent bed bugs in any situation using tips from Florida Pest Control.

Person putting a mattress slip on a bed - Florida Pest Control, Gainesville FL

While natural remedies don’t eliminate bed bugs, they can assist with preventing infestations. Diatomaceous earth and essential oils are two popular options used for prevention. Learn about natural prevention methods!

Unlike fleas, bed bugs aren’t attracted to your cats or dogs. However, it’s crucial to inspect your pet’s bedding for any indications of bed bug infestations. Find out why!

To prevent bed bugs from spreading, avoid moving infested furniture, handle bedding with care when transporting it to the laundry room, and declutter your home. Explore methods to prevent bed bugs in Florida!

It’s unfortunate, but bed bugs can target anyone! Travelers, apartment or dorm residents, and those who buy used furniture face a greater risk. Discover more about who’s at risk!